A Review To Start This Blog Off!

The Painting Specialist is a painter and decorator in LondonSomething that interests me most about the web is how much a good review can help out the little guys. Now the big corporations get it easy in my eyes, Google literally seems to hand feed them customers whilst the real hardworking men and women in the world are scraping away at the bottom of the pack trying to make a living.

Painters and Decorators London

This is why I am going to leave a review for one of my favorite small businesses. Mark, the owner, and Rob working alongside him. Both genuine professionals in their field.

My guess is that you have never heard of them anyway and most my readers probably don’t live in the London area but I feel it is my duty to tell you about this fine little two man company I have used. The work they completed was second to none, they were very polite and didn’t even eat the packet of chocolate biscuits I left them while I was out. That’s is correct, yes I left them in my house with the key and they didn’t touch a thing.

Completed Work